Swapping with vinyl siding or replacing aluminum siding!


If your aluminum siding is beginning to fade and age, you have two options- replace the aluminum siding with the latest vinyl siding or paint the old aluminum siding for your house. Also, you need to evaluate the current status of the aluminum siding. Is it weathered and fading? Is the aluminum siding damaged? Weathered and faded aluminum siding can be reinstated with a new coat of paint. One of the cost-efficient and temporary solutions for your aging siding is painting. Remember, it is only an option. It does not serve as a long time solution. Are you looking for a permanent and long-term solution? Well, read below the other options like a replacement, adding a new vinyl siding, etc., as a full list here.


It is recommended to paint the aluminum siding once in four to six years according to the wear and tear and climate. It may look like a cost-effective option, but when you have to paint again and again, the expenses would more than installing a vinyl siding.


It is a big and challenging job to paint the aluminum siding. If you are doing it on your own, you need to purchase sufficient paints for numerous coatings, spend enough time performing the right job and also rent painting equipment like paint sprayers and staging. If you do not prefer DIY painting, you have to research and determine the expenses connected with partnering with a leading painting contractor to paint the sliding for you.

Do you have plans to sell your house in the next few years? Well, painting the aluminum siding helps in giving an updated look. However, remember, aluminum siding is not very attractive, and there are chances for your prospective buyers to prefer high-performing vinyl siding.

When you plan for a long time home improvement, it is recommended to replace the damaged or old aluminum siding with excellent quality vinyl siding. The best part of vinyl siding is it does not require much maintenance and has a guaranteed lifespan of about fifty years. Apart from the long time cost benefits, there are several benefits of vinyl siding. It is available in a variety of architectural trim, profiles, textures, colors, and several accessories that retain architectural features and add interest to the house. By hiring a professional vinyl siding expert, you can improve and maintain the original charm.

If you are a house owner, ensure not to compromise on the original architectural details or beauty of the house when you are choosing vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding is a certified option due to its capacity to resist moisture, cold, and heat. It can also endure heavy winds of about 110 mph and even more while maintaining its performance and appearance. Vinyl siding is simple to set up and comes at a reasonable price. It has a longer life cycle than any other exteriors. It has been proved that replacing the old siding with the latest vinyl siding is an excellent home improvement project.

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