Parking Lot Accidents – How To Determine?

When Do A Parking Lot Accident Happen?

You will be surprised to know that majority of the accidents happens in a parking lot, making it a dangerous place. You can often withness drivers arguing for the available parking space in a parking lot, people walking across the parking place carelessly, etc. Accidents have become common occurrences in the parking lots. However, since the vehicles are at lower speeds, the damages could be minor. As per Personal Injury Lawyer Guelph, these accidents occur when

  • Distracted drives crash the cars.
  • Two cars pull out simultaneously from the parking space and crash with each other.
  • A moving vehicle strikes a pedestrian.
  • A moving vehicle strikes a parked vehicle.

When such accidents happen, rather than getting on a verbal agreement to settle the case, try to exchange insurance information and get in touch with a personal injury lawyer. You might see advertisements about the best lawyers in the state. However, you should know that a personal injury lawyer is different from other lawyers. Read more here to know why personal injury lawyers think advertisements are harming their reputation.

50-50 Fault- Is That True?

There is a fairly common misunderstanding that both drivers are at fault when a collision happens. This 50-50 myth is so common that it encourages the drivers to get into a financial settlement. In some places, especially on private property, the highway traffic act cannot be applied. Drivers are supposed to drive responsibly, and if at all a collision happens, the liability will be determined as per the Fault determination rules of the province.

Hit And Run Accidents

Even if the accident happens inside a parking lot, it is considered a hit and run case if you fail to stay at the accident scene. In Ontario, if the hit and run drivers are convicted, they can face jail time, a criminal conviction, and a fine of more than $2000. Unfortunately, people involved in the hit and run cases decides to leave the scene without providing their contact information, even though they know the severity of the situation. Suppose you were in a collision and the damages exceeds the statutory accident benefits. In that case, you should find the vehicle owner that has caused the accident for financial compensation. If you couldn’t find them, then you can claim the damages as third party insurance through your insurance provider. Most of the parking lots have surveillance cameras where you can use the footage to identify the owner.

Injuring Pedestrians In Parking Lots

Most of the pedestrian accidents in the parking lots happen due to careless driving. However, when a pedestrian is hit by vehicles in the parking lot, it can pave the way to many injuries and fatalities.

If an accident happens due to the negligence of a driver and if a pedestrian sustains injuries, the injured party can get financial compensation from the party at fault with the help of a lawyer. A specialised lawyer can help the injured party recover the damages from

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Adjusted living expenses, etc.

In case of the pedestrian’s death due to an accident in the parking lot, the lawyers can help you recover expenses such as –

  • Burial costs
  • Funeral costs
  • Loss of companionship, etc.

Many of the accidents can be avoided if you drive carefully. So next time when you are in a parking lot, be a bit more careful to avoid any injuries and damages to yourself and others.

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