Is Your Home At Risk Of Bat Infestation? Here Is An Easy To Remove Them

Big brown and little brown bats are common sightings in Hamilton. Although they love to hang in hollow trees and caves, of the late, the bat species are increasingly adapting to human-made structures. They are found especially under bridges, silos, barns and homes. While there is no doubt that bats can help drive mosquitoes to extinction, warns against the increase in bat infestation. According to them, bat infestations in human settlements can pose serious health risks, and there is a high likelihood that they might be infected with rabies.

Review here a few bat removal techniques and their importance in eliminating an outbreak.

Bat infestation and rabies scare

Rabies symptoms can be deadly if you are not administered a rabies shot earlier. Quite shockingly, the country has been witnessing a surge in people opting for rabies shots, with almost 500,000 people getting their shots every year. Bats are known to be a potential carrier of rabies and are why rabies shots are popular.

It is found that bats can be a potential threat to humans if they are infected with rabies. Once they find their way into the rooms, they can potentially infect a person with a mere bite or lick. Unfortunately, bats tend to inhabit human-made structures and are more likely to occupy them repeatedly even after their removal. Wildlife removal companies attribute these infestations to pheromones, the scent trailing ability of bats that repeatedly attracts them to the once-infested places. Hence, bat removal techniques must involve sealing every crack and gap to avoid frequent infestations.

Wildlife removal companies often encounter several inquiries and doubts regarding bat infestations and their possible rabies outbreak scare. Here is more to it.

What should you do when you find a bat in your room?

Bats cannot infect you unless it makes physical contact with you. However, be careful of mosquitoes that surround you when you go for your evening walks. Bats get attracted by these small insects, and there are high chances that they can hit you while pursuing these insects. While the likelihood of the bat making physical contact is minimal, contact a physician if you get bumped by a bat.

However, if you wake up to find a bat in your room, follow these guidelines:

  • Close all exits, and ensure that bats remain in the room. Ensure that the bathrooms and closets are closed as well.
  • Exit your room and close the door immediately.
  • Call an experienced wildlife removal company to capture the bat.
  • If you have a visible wound, wash the wound and, if possible, run warm water over it.
  • Request rabies test of the bat. If the report doesn’t come within 72 hours of testing, you are advised to take a rabies shot. Reach out to the public health department, where you will be administered post-exposure prophylaxis series as the first step
  • If bats test positive, make sure that you receive complete series of vaccine shots.
  • In case you were not able to capture the bat, you must still get a rabies shot.
  • Also, make sure that your pets are also vaccinated to avoid them getting infected.

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