Leveraging cloud technology to maintain your dental accounting

The dental practice is business as usual. Dentists also need to keep track of accounts, maintain payrolls, monitor bank or credit card statements, and communicate with their team daily. However, considering a dentist’s profession, it is tough to manage and monitor day-to-day accounts with utmost proficiency. This necessitates their need to rely on dental accountant services. Dental accountant use amazing cloud technology services to perform vital accounting and bookkeeping services for the dental practice. Review here to know how entrusting the accounting jobs with professionals can help conduct dental practice business seamlessly. The article sheds light on seven online tools that make your dental practice office work smoothly.

Cloud accounting impact on dental practice
Cloud accounting technology has been making considerable developments in almost all industries. Here are a few tools that are delegated important accounting works in dental industries.

Dropbox: Secures files safely and enables the safe exchange of documents
This cloud storage is an amazing backup facility that provides enormous storage facilities for their clients along with firewall security. Hence, dentists can now rest assured of their high-profile data that would not be lost in any case. Dropbox also allows dentists to share their documents through the app. The dropbox feature of auto-deleting the emails after a few days ensures no more risks of hacking. Built-in scanner helps the documents to be shared as PDFs as well.

Quickbooks: Accounting and bookkeeping application
Dentists increasingly use QuickBook online tools to manage their accounting, bookkeeping, and tax-related services. As the application is connected to many other external applications, the services are more extensive and valuable.

T-sheets: tracking employee efficiency
The T-sheet applications keep track of employee working hours and schedules. The application records an employee’s worked days, vacations, sick leave, lunch hours, coffee breaks, etc. All these hours are added up to calculate the wages processed in applications like Wagepoint or QBO. Another great feature of T-sheets is its device-tracking feature with GPS.

Wagepoint: Payroll, salaries, and payments to CRA
The application is incredibly helpful to prepare payroll, preparing T4s & T4As, and paying CRA on time. Automated payroll features help dentists to manage their valuable employees and their salaries with quite ease.

Receipt Bank: Recording receipts for a long period
The application captures and records every detail on the receipts like date, invoice numbers, items, taxes, and quantity for 10 years. This allows the clients to retrieve any receipt details easily with the stated time. The feature has also been extremely helpful for the accountants when they need to send any documents to CRA for reviews.

HubDoc: Retrieves credit card and bank statements
Similar to RB apps, the HubDoc application retrieves bank and credit card statements quite easily. This, of course, saves a considerable effort that would have required otherwise.

Slack: the best communication app
Slack is a great communication channel that sets an independent communication channel for each client. Also loaded with a history of communication features, the app is quite efficient for tracking transactions between clients.

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